What is Shigella?

Nasty Shit!  Shigella is a group of bacteria that cause bowel infections often passed through infected shit.

It’s passed on through tiny particles of infected shit entering the mouth.  Shit can get into the mouth when rimming, or onto your hands when fucking, scat, fingering, fisting, engaging in arse play or by handling contaminated objects such as dildos or used condoms.

From your hands it’s really easy to transfer the infection to your mouth through eating food, having a cigarette, touching your mouth or any number of ways.

Symptoms can include diarrhoea, stomach cramps, nausea and fever. These can show up as soon as several hours after exposure.

Testing for Shigella is by providing a stool (shit) sample.  Anti-diarrhoea treatments are often enough to treat gut infections, but antibiotics can also be used. Drink plenty of fluids as de-hydration is a common side effect.

Wash your hands thoroughly after sex and handling any used condoms or dildos.  Use gloves for arse play and a dam for rimming.  Douching will not help limit the spread of Shigella as it brings the bacteria to the surface of the arse.

Be aware that shit can enter your mouth after sex through biting your nails, having a cigarette cupping water in your hand to drink from the tap, and touching food or eating utensils.

If you think you may have Shigella and work as a waiter or in a food service industry it is advised not to return to work until 7 days after the symptoms have stopped.

If you think you have Shigella make an appointment with your GP

Where can I test?

If you think you have shigella make an appointment with your GP or visit a GUM clinic