What are Crabs/Pubic Lice?

Crabs are lice that set up camp in your pubes laying eggs and building themselves a small itchy city.  They can also move into beards, armpits chest hair and eyelashes.

They can crawl on to you when you are fucking or rubbing against someone, sharing clothes, towels or bed sheets

Itchy – you will get really freakin’ itchy!  You may also notice the small brown mites crawling around on your body or see little white eggs attached to your hair.

To kill these little suckers – go to the pharmacy and buy some genital lice shampoo.  Make sure you treat partners and others who you have been close to.  Wash bed sheets, towels and clothes in hot soapy water.  It is wise to repeat the treatment again in 7 days time.

You can’t really do anything to protect yourself from crabs/pubic lice, sometimes this type of bullshit just happens.  Fix it and move on. 

If you think you have crabs, visit your local pharmacy for treatment.  It would be wise to also take a full sexual health screen to ensure that you are free of all other STIs