What is LGV?

LGV is Chlamydia's bitch sister, it's a particularly hostile form of the Chlamydia bacteria that has 3 different stages of its attack

LGV gets inside the body through the mucus lining of the mouth, penis or inside of the rectum. Anal sex without condoms is the easiest way this happens, sharing dildos/toys and fisting in more than one guys arse without cleaning or using gloves can also spread LGV.

The 3 stages:

Stage 1: 3 days to 3 weeks after infection a small painless sore on the dick, mouth or arse can appear at the site of the original contact.  This sore often goes unnoticed.   If this was in the dick, it may also hurt when you pee or you may have a discharge.

Stage 2: This is where shit gets real bad - A few weeks after the first sore has appeared the glands in your groin may swell up or hurt like hell.  The symptoms are different for the different sites of infection.

In the arse – Painful inflammation with blood or pus coming from the area. Shitting may be painful, and constipation or painful abscesses/ulcers inside the arse may develop.

In the dick –Discharge and swelling of the glands, so much that can they push through the skin and leak fluid.

In the mouth –swelling of the glands in the neck and armpits.

Stage 3: Over time the bacteria will cause inflammation/elephantitis of the genitals (no, this is not a good thing). Scarring and tissue damage can occur on the area around the genitals and inside the anus. Haemorrhoid-like growths can develop in the anus and tissue damage can narrow the rectum. 

If you test positive for rectal Chlamydia further tests will need to be done to check if it is LGV.  If you catch LGV before it reaches stage 3, it is easily treated with antibiotics.

Using condoms with guys for fucking/dildos use and making sure these are changed between guys will help protect you, as will using fresh gloves for arse play and a dam for rimming.  Washing your hands with soap and water immediately after sex can also help prevent transmission, especially if having sex with multiple partners.

For HIV positive guys the sores may be more severe, this is due to a weaker immune system.  LGV can also increase your viral load, making it easier to pass HIV on to partners.

If you test positive for rectal Chlamydia your clinic should do further tests to make sure it is not LGV.


Where can I test?

If you test positive for rectal chlamydia, you may also be required to do further tests to check if it is LGV.

If you are a resident of the borough of Greenwich, then you can order a home test kit to test for Chlamydia from this website. These are completely free and you'll get your result by text in five working days of the Lab receiving your samples. 

If you are not from one of the above areas, or would prefer to test face-to-face, please visit our Pitstop Clinic or Contact Us for information about other places you can test for Chlamydia.