What is Scabies?

This menace is possibly the itchiest thing you will ever experience, scabies is an infestation of skin mites that burrow under your skin and make you want to scratch your skin off, particularly at night.

The mites that cause Scabies can move onto your body through any skin contact with an infected person, their clothes, bed linen or towels.  That includes contact like holding hands.

You will know!!  The mites that cause Scabies are tiny and hard to see but they make their presence known by causing intense itching as they burrow into the skin – this itching tends to get worse when you body is warm, like in bed at night

If you think you have scabies make an appointment with your GP to be diagnosed.

To kill these little suckers, anti-scabies lotions are available at most pharmacies.  Make sure you treat partners and others who you have been close to.  Wash bed sheets, towels and clothes in warm soapy water.  It is wise to repeat the treatment again in 7 days time.

You can’t really do anything to protect yourself from scabies, sometimes this type of bullshit just happens.  Fix it and move on. Also be sure to treat partners and wash your sheets towels and clothes to prevent reinfestation.

Where can I test?

If you think you have scabies make an appointment with your GP or visit your pharmacist