Home Testing Kit Resources

Before you start, please read our page on Taking Your Test

We get a lot of Home STI Kits returned to our lab with insufficient blood to enable a test to be completed. Before you complete the test and take your samples, please read our page below on Taking Your Test for helpful advice and information about how to get enough blood out, what to send back and how to get the most out of your test.

Take a look at your kit and make sure you have all the items needed to complete it properly before beginning to take your samples. Please ensure your kit contains the white request form, and the sample labels. If you do not have these, please contact us. 

You can also read the Guidance Notes in your pack in advance..

You'll receive these Guidance Notes in your Home STI Kit pack. For anyone interested in ordering a kit, these will provide additional information as to what to expect when you order one of our by-post Home STI kits from us. These guidance notes will help you to take your own self-samples and complete the tests you need to post back.  

Or watch the instructional video on taking your own blood

The below video will help you take your blood sample, using the safety lancets provided in the pack you'll have received from us. Please watch this step-by-step video, before attempting to collect your blood sample. It will take you through filling in the form, what to expect in your pack and instructions on taking the blood sample.