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If you're interested in using our services or are having any difficulties ordering your home testing kits or condoms we'd love to hear from you.

Hi, please use the contact details below.

Call us on 020 8305 5005

Or email us at

If you have a planned visit to METRO you can find us here:

METRO Woolwich
1st Floor, Equitable House
General Gordon Square
Woolwich, London
SE18 6FH





If you'd like to use a METRO service, please visit the Health and Wellbeing page, choose the topic you're interested in and fill in the short form.

Alternatively please call us on 0208 300 5000

Find us!

If you have problems finding us, use the map below to find the building (and we've posted a couple of photos here to help you find the right entrance and where to go once you are inside)



  • Exit Woolwich Arsenal DLR or Overland Station and either walk across the street into General Gordon Square or leave the station turning left towards General Gordon Square (a very large open space with a massive TV screen on one end). 

  • Walk towards the TV screen at one end of General Gordon Square and take the Entrance into the Woolwich Equitable Building that is marked "Health Centre" that is very close to the TV screen. 

  • Once inside, go left through the glass doors and down some steps towards "Reception". If you are coming to METRO during normal office hours 9am - 5:30pm then you will need get directions from reception to take the lift to the first floor or come up the four flights of stairs to the first floor on foot. 

  • If you are visiting us after 5:30pm (e.g. for the Pitstop Clinic) please ring the buzzer with the LED blue button on the right hand side of "Reception" where you will see two big locked doors. We will then come and get you. 


Take the entrance with the  coloured sign saying "Health Centre". This entrance is just behind the big TV screen on General Gordon Square

Once inside you'll need to veer to the left and go down a set of stairs towards the reception desk. 



If you have a planned visit to METRO, you can use the map below to find us: