How to find Pitstop Clinic

The clinic operates out of:-

METRO Woolwich
1st Floor, Equitable House
General Gordon Square
Woolwich, London
SE18 6FH

Nearest station is Woolwich Arsenal (DLR or Underground)

We've posted a couple of photos here to help you find the right entrance to Equitable House and how to navigate once inside the building. 

Here are some photos to help you find us and gain access to our Clinic:-

  •  The picture below shows the correct entrance to Equitable House (Near the big television)

  • Go through the glass double doors, down these stairs and  towards the reception desk. There is an accessibility lift just to the left of these stairs should you need it. 

  • When you get to this door, ring the buzzer on the left side and explain that you are here for the Pitstop Clinic. We will answer, and either come down for you or advise you how to get in. Once through these doors, use the lift or the stairs to get to the 1st floor. There you will see the METRO Charity door.