About the Kit

The PitstopPLUS home testing kit contains a
throat swab, a rectal swab, a urine collection container, a urine sampling pot, 3 lancets to do you finger prick blood test and a blood collection tube. Postage is free to your door and when returning the kit to the Lab. Also, what you receive by post is discreetly packaged and unbranded so you don't have to worry about other people in your house seeing what you've ordered (see our photos below). 

Using all of the kit provided will mean you are testing for HIV, Chlamydia (including throat and rectal), Gonorrhea (including throat and rectal), Syphilis, and Hepatitis B & C.

Once you are done, just pop all of the completed tests into the envelope provided and send it back to us by freepost. Please remember to put your request slip (with your name, date of birth and phone number inside the box before you send the kit back to the Lab). 


If you're feeling anxious or have any questions about any parts of the kit- just give us a call or email us via our contact page