Pitstop Wednesday Walk-In Clinic

The Pitstop walk-in clinic is open from 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm on a Wednesday evening. 

Please arrive between 5pm and 6:45pm if possible, as we have a capacity limit to the number of people we're able to see on any given clinic evening and we regret that we occasionally have to turn people away if we're already full. 

Please do not attend the Pitstop Clinic if you are experiencing symptoms (or a confirmed diagnosis) of Monkeypox or COVID. If you believe you may have Monkeypox please contact your local GUM clinic or you can contact us by email (pitstopplus@metrocharity.org.uk) or phone (020 8305 5005) for advice, signposting, and information. More guidance about the signs and symptoms of Monkeypox can be found here https://pitstopplus.org/sti-info/monkeypox/ .

Our Wednesday clinic is normally nurse-led, so we're able to offer you the following additional services:-

  • Blood taken from the arm
  • Vaccination for Hepatitis B 
  • Testing for Hepatitis B

 We currently are unable to offer vaccination against Mpox.. 

 Please read the section titled Clinic Information & Urgent Needs before you attend the clinic

 Please check our Clinic Closures page before you travel to Pitstop Wednesday.