Online Consultation 

Whilst many face-to-face sexual health services remain closed (such as Pitstop Clinic) and others are only seeing patients for essential treatment, during the Covid-19 pandemic, we've expanded our service to offer information, support and signposting to Gay & Bisexual Men and Trans people who would either have come to Pitstop Clinic or need additional help using online testing. This service is for people who don't have symptoms of a sexually transmitted infection.

If you'd like to arrange for us to speak to you using zoom, then please contact us via email and we'll give you a call first, to understand what you need and offer any information or advice before arranging a time and date when a zoom meeting with you can take place.

This service is especially helpful to people who may struggle to take an online home test kit, or who are new to home testing. Equally, if you need additional support or information about protecting your sexual health, then we'd love to chat to you.

A normal sexual health consultation takes about 30 minutes and we talk to most people about PEP, PrEP, vaccinations, how online testing works; as well as the key things you'll need to know and do, in order to successfully complete a test at home.