Urgent Needs

We are unable to provide you with PEP or PrEP at the Pitstop Clinic. If you need get PEP, you're strongly advised to go to A&E or contact a local GUM clinic and check they have this medication before attending. 

PEP needs to be taken within 72-hours of possible HIV infection. It's best if you begin taking it within 24-hours. For more information on where to obtain these medicines, visit our HIV Prevention web page. 

Clinic Information 

If you have symptoms of a sexual infection or have been told by a partner that you may have been put in contact with a risk, it's best for you to go to a GUM clinic to be tested. GUM clinics are often the clinics attached to a hospital, here they will be able to take a closer look at your symptoms and provide you with the appropriate treatment.

We will normally ask you for a urine sample when you test with us. Please make sure you have not urinated for at least 1 hour before you attend the clinic.

If you require blood to be taken or a vaccination given, you will need to attend our Pitstop Wednesday service as this is not possible via our weekday bookable appointments.