Results Information


How long do the results take?

The results from your sexual health screen will normally be provided by text within 5 working days of the Lab receiving your samples, on the number you provided when you ordered your kit. 

What if I test positive?

Should your test be positive, or should you not provide enough urine or blood samples, you will be asked to call our Sexual Health Office on 020 8305 5005. The office is open between 10am and 6pm Monday to Friday and our friendly staff will help you with advice and if necessary support you with getting treatment for any infections.

Notifying partners

If you do test positive it is important to notify partners so they can be tested or treated also.  If you don't feel confident in contacting your partners yourself, why not try using our anonymous partner notification system and we will do the work for you ensuring that your details are kept strictly confidential.  The partner notification service will only be made active for a limited time once you have returned a positive result.  Please provide any contact details you have so that we can get in touch with them for you.