Pitstop Walk-in Clinic Results

Patients of the Pitstop WALK IN clinic can receive their clinic results on the Pitstop PLUS website.  You must be logged in to collect your results from the My Account section.

(Please note Home Testing patients will receive their results by text)


If you are having trouble logging in you may call our sexual health office

Mon - Fri 10am-6pm

020 8305 5005

Alternatively, please email us from the email address you are using to log on and we'll sort this out for you. 



At times we may need to speak with you about your results, this could be for a number of different reasons, it's not necessarily something to be concerned about.

Generally, we don't contact you if you have tested in a Pitstop Walk-in Clinic and your test results come back negative. 

Pitstop Walk-in Clinic test results take at least 10 working days to come back.